Loose Boxes

Quantity: 30
Bedding: straw, wood chips as required
Forage: dry food inclusive; protein food for an additional charge
Manège: 20x30 m (22x33 yd)
Arena: 20x40 m (22x44 yd)
Jumping arena (in summertime): grass, ca. 60x80 m (66x88 yd)
Several paddocks
Monthly rent: 240 €

In summertime the horses enjoy being on a meadow day and night. In winter they spend the night in their loose boxes and are brought out to pasture in the morning. There they have a silage rack for eating at their disposal.
Depending on your needs there’s a variety of coaches available.


Manège, arena, etc.: see „loose boxes“
Monthly rent: 165 €

The horses stay on a pasture with a spacious shelter where silage is put at their disposal in winter.
Manège, arena and course are available just as for tenants of loose boxes.